“The workshop was great! I got to engaged with her one on one to help better understand how to shoot/direct. I felt very comfortable shooting the model. It was really helpful when she told me what I needed to focus on when shooting. Before arriving, I was stressing about learning how to use the camera on manual mode, but Angie made it seem so easy! Thank you Angie! This workshop was unforgettable, hope you do more in the future. (Also thanks for the life hack on using the iPhone screen as a “prism”. That was useful for me, since I am on a budget lol).”


“The class was amazing! I feel like I learned so much in just 1 hour. I am more than satisfied with the amount of knowledge I gained from this workshop. I look forward to her next one!”


“Angie’s workshop was a complete joy. I definitely got a lot of knowledge. I felt like someone couldn’t have just thrown at me with slides and actually shooting with Angie was the best part. She has such a particular style about the way you do things and it shows heavy in her work. The workshop was a different experience all together. I am happy I went out of the box and signed up for her workshop.”


“Angie’s workshop was amazing! She did a really good gob of utilizing the time and making sure each photographer learned what they wanted too! She gave me great tips and encouraged me to do different things and step outside my comfort zone! I really appreciated her taking the time to make sure all of our questions were answered and giving us the tools to perfect a picture. Angie made this workshop so enjoyable and I am excited to learn more from her work.”


“Workshop was real helpful and I would recommend it for any photographer who would like to grow and is in a search of guidance. I learned how to truly camera settings to my advantage as well as setting up a shoot and planning beforehand. If there are any doubts, just check our Angie’s work and her workshop. Overall it was a great experience.”


“Angie was super energetic and outgoing, which made me feel really comfortable. I like the curriculum that she developed for the course. I think it was really beneficial and helped break the ice as well! The environment was friendly and welcoming. All in all it was very knowledgeable experience with even better people and I would totally recommend it to anyone!”


“I loved the workshop! I learned so much, I am pretty shy around people, but she made me feel so comfortable. I loved all of her pointers and I already started on my home work! Thank you, I now have confidence to shoot in manual!”


“As soon as I heard Angie was having a workshop, I knew I had to sign up! She has such an amazing vision, and her ability to being ideas to life is uncanny. The workshop went seamlessly and it was a great creative and artistic environment. I recommend it to anyone who wants to step their game up to a professional level.”


“I loved the workshop. I got to learn so much just by watching and working alongside Angie, plus you can only get so much from videos. The best advice was with working and changing my old habits to create better ones that have already helped me so much!”


“It’s an honor to learn from one of the greatest photographers in houston. Thanks for teaching me how to come up with concepts and inspo. I really learn a lot especially how to create invoices, how to network, and work with models. Thanks for being there in person to critique my photos. It really helped me a lot.”


“I had a great time at the workshop it was my first step to really getting into photography and taking it serious. Seeing everyone be so passionate about it really motivated me and has inspired me to continue to grow. You were a great teacher it was very exciting your personality is great for this type of stuff, I felt like it was just a friend helping me out. Overall I thought the workshop was great and I really enjoyed my time and hopefully I can continue to do more stuff with you to learn more and just because you’re a cool person haha thanks so much!”


“I wish I could watch your workshop again!! The information you provided was SOOOO valuable! I feel like you hit every pertinent detail. The class was full of a variety of people, some seasoned... and some maybe like me. Either way, your information touched on everyone's needs! I really can't think of anything that could've been missing from this workshop!”