I require a 50% non-refundable down deposit to secure your session date. Nothing is booked/I do not write anything down in my calendar until the deposit has been made. The purpose of a deposit is to hold your spot, because if you cancel - I could’ve booked someone else during that period of time.


I send all of the pictures through a private gallery and videos through drop box. I only keep my clients photos/videos for a month, and then I clean it out after that. Therefore, please download/save and back up all of your pictures as soon as you receive them. 


Transportation and setting up are not included in the hours. The hour mark starts when we start shooting, that way you get the most out of your shoot. 


If you need to cancel or don’t show up, the deposit will not be refunded. However, if you reschedule due to sickness/weather/etc. you can just put your down deposit towards the new scheduling date.


Depending on what you are going for, I can help with location whether it's a solid color background, nature, or city. Majority of the places that I chose are going to be in Downtown, Houston just because it offers everything and is close by. If you already have one ready in mind, just let me know & I would be happy to meet you. If you are located outside of Houston, I do not mind making the drive, but there will be a traveling fee for gas.


I prefer you sending me your outfit ideas prior to the shoot, just so we can save time and pre-plan locations. Just keep in mind to be comfortable in whatever you wear. If you are a female, please bring hair ties, strapless bra, and make-up for retouching. 


Have an idea in mind. If you can't pose, don't worry I will guide you through it. Feel confident and be confident. Watch Youtube videos for inspirations and practice in front of a mirror. Look at Pinterest/Tumblr/Instagram for creative ideas. Feel free to send them to me, so we can make it happen.


I usually do not send RAW files. Photographers spend hours editing and if someone re-edits them, it would be a waste of time for the photographer. Also since it is the photographer's work, if the client edits the photos that they took badly, it does not look good for the business or the photographer's portfolio. BUT depending on why you need it, with extra cost I am willing. In addition, I do not offer retouching services.


Less than a week, unless it is a video or anything under the wedding packages.




“I asked Angie to do a shoot for my music portfolio and website. That was one of the best decisions I made for my music career! The photos came out amazing, I’m being called for gigs left and right, my website looks fabulous. Thank you sooo much Angie! I cannot recommend her enough. One of the kindest, dopest human beings I’ve ever met.”


“I chose Angie to take my senior/grad pictures for me and she did such an amazing job!!!!! She even got me the pictures back on the same day. She is so talented and I couldn’t believe how easy and fun she made it the whole session. I love that she tends to her clients individually and Angie is definitely my go-to photographer from now on.”


“I found Angie in passing and hired her to shoot an event for my family. It was such a blessing - Some of the best quality photos I’ve seen! She’s so kind, and fun-spirited which makes her a great person to work with! I love a photographer who compromises with you to ensure the people receiving the photos are happy and she did just that for us! Such a pleasure meeting her and I’m definitely going to be reaching out to her again for future events. PS: She sends photos extremely fast which is a huge + point!”


“I followed Angie for about a year and always have loved her work. I finally had the courage to reach out to her and it was one of the best decisions ever! I am an aspiring model and wanted to take pictures to help build my portfolio. I am glad I was able to work with her. During the shoot, I was completely comfortable and she was so easy to work with. I’ll definitely be booking Angie for future shoots.”


“Our photoshoot with Angie was great! Sarah and I are both awkward when it comes to having pictures taken of us, but Angie made us feel so comfortable. She made it very fun and very fast. It was SUPER HOT and she got it done in 10 minutes. She got amazing shots of us and everything she did was super professional. She showed up early (we were late) and was very patient with us. Her creativity is amazing and we are just extremely satisfied with her work. 10/10 would recommend.”


"I love shooting with Angie! On a professional note: She’s on time, flexible, prepared, knowledgeable, and focused. Angie is super quick to respond and her overall communication is great. When coming to editing time and receiving pictures, she was quick. However, quick does not define the quality of her work. I love that she’s straightforward with answering any questions and is an open book. On a fun note: She's fun to work with, makes you comfortable in front of the camera, advises/educates you, and has a bright personality. Although I did not spend much time shooting with her, she was always cracking joke4s and making me feel comfortable in front of the camera. She knew exactly what to say and do, which is key to customer’s satisfaction. Overall, extremely happy with my experience shooting with Angie.”


“Had an amazing first-time photo shoot with Angie! Process to book with her was easy to set up. During the shoot, she was understanding and super funny, which helped with our jitters which made the whole experience exciting and fun. Angie knew exactly what she was doing in whatever setting we were in so taking pictures with her was super easy. The pictures came out wonderful and all our friends were obsessed!”


“My boyfriend and I recently has our first shoot together as a couple with Angie. I was really nervous, but she made us feel so comfortable and at ease. The entire shoot was lots of fun and filled with laughs. The pictures came out perfect and were more then we could’ve asked for. She sent us everything in a very timely manner and was professional the entire process. We loved working with her so much that we already gave her a heads up that we want to book her as our wedding photographer! We’d definitely recommend her to everyone especially those who have never done a professional shoot before!”


"While scrolling through Instagram, Angie's photography caught my attention. After taking her photography workshop, we partnered together to build my "No Pay May" brand. Angie brought to life the ideas floating around in my head. Her work exceeded all expectations! She is the ultimate creative partner. If you have a creative concept, Angie will take your idea to the next level!!!"


“Angie is great!  She can pull a shoot together quickly including models and studio space at a great rate.  She is very easy to communicate with and has a great eye behind the camera.  She is an efficient photographer, able to capture great imagery in a short amount of time and is always quick to turn around and deliver the final product. I definitely recommend!”