MY 2018

January 4th: Went to LA

January 5th: Danced at Playground LA

January 6th: Went to Las Vegas & ate at Gordan Ramsey’s restaurant

January 7th: Went to San Diego

January 10th: Sold out my first workshop

January 14th: New Year New Meet Up

January 22nd: Kanye West photoshoot series

January 27th: Attended HUB Day in Dallas, TX

February 2nd: Went to Atlanta, GA

February 9th: Attended Ludatheshooter workshop & got my LLC

February 10th: Shot for Ink Master

February 11th: Hosted my first “SHOOT” art exhibit

February 19th: Black history month photoshoot series

March 3rd: Shot my first wedding in Marfa, TX

March 9th: Participated in Goodphil

March 17th: Shot another wedding & officially became a wedding photographer 

March 19th: Lorde’s concert for FREE

March 25th: Snuck in InBloom Festival

March 30th: Went to Dallas, TX

March 31st: Shot film for the first time

April 6th: Shot for Milk Cookie Festival

April 8th: Hosted an All Girls Meet up

April 19th: Attended Coachella

April 26th: Went to NYC

May 2nd: Attended my first hardcore show in Dallas, TX (Varials, Counterparts, & Emmure)

May 3rd: Went to Seattle

May 5th: Went to Portland & took a helicopter ride

May 16th: Went to Chicago

May 20th: Attended Houston Visuals Art Gallery

June 8th: Shot for Cactus Jack Block Party & met Travis Scott

June 16th: Saw Cash Cash, Carnage, and Yellow Claw

June 18th: Shot 10 models in one day

June 20th: Attended Palacose fashion show 

June 30th: Attended Shots & Shots II Meet up

July 8th: Snuck into the last warped tour

July 14th: Attended Jessica Whitaker’s free workshop

July 15th: Hosted Houston Hype 2 Meet up

July 22nd: Attended Sneaker Summit

July 29th: Went to Chicago 

August 3rd: Attended Lollapalooza 

August 4th: ZEDD’s Dead concert 

August 7th: Ella Mai concert

August 19th: Hosted another workshop

August 20th: Hosted an online workshop

August 24th: Electric paint rave

August 25th: Went to my first strip club

August 26th: Attended Dallas Hype 2

September 7th: ZEDD concert 

September 19th: Parkway Drive concert 

September 20th: ZHU concert 

September 25th: Went to Oslo, Norway 

October 2nd: Moved into a new townhouse 

October 6th: 21st birthday 

October 12th: Tchami concert

October 14th: Asian Invasion “Girls Generation” photoshoot series 

October 18th: JAUZ concert

October 20th: RL Grime concert

October 27th: Shot for one of the Texans 

October 28th: Attended Freaky Deaky Festival 

November 17th: Attended Astroworld Festival 

November 21st: Party Favor concert

December 1st: Seven Lions concert 

December 4th: Went to Washington D.C.

December 29th: Cash Cash concert