I made a special page for ya’ll, so go check it out! It has all the information you need to know when it comes to booking a wedding, elopements, and more. Tell me your story and let’s create something beautiful together.



This is a one hour FaceTime or Skype call. This coaching session is intended to enhance your marketing/networking skills, improve your Instagram feed, organize your creative thoughts, and more! I will be answering all of your questions as well as help you through the obstacles that you may be experiencing as a creative. You will receive a pdf workshop guide by email, so you can follow through as I teach. This guide includes invoice, contract, and emailing templates for models/clients. There will be examples shown throughout the whole session. As a thank you for purchasing this, I will also give you my very own preset pack.


This is a one hour shadowing session where you will observe how I shoot and communicate with models/clients. I will get in contact with you to see what you want to improve on and analyze. This will teach you how to set up a shoot, talk to the models, pose them, and more. This is all in person, so majority of this will be hands on. Whether you have a camera or not, this is a great way to enhance on your shooting and creativity. The more practice the better! As a thank you for purchasing this, I will also give you my very own preset pack along with my online workshop pdf guide. If we have time at the end, we can start editing until time is up.